So back when I used to live in Boston I always wanted to do this run because not only does it benefit a local charity in Boston but it’s kind of a classic Boston thing to do. It was always on the front page of the Metro and Boston Globe the following Monday and every passing year I was upset that I was never able to register.

Well guess what. I registered. Me and a bunch of my friends are going to be running a mile around downtown Boston on December 10th rocking nothing but a speedo and some running shoes. Will it be cold? Um, duh, it’s Boston in December. But will it be worth it? Of course!

This year the run will benefit the Play Ball Foundation, which provides Boston middle school students with a chance to play and build friendships and character through the lessons of sport – teamwork, communication and discipline. And not only that, but the run is a Boston tradition and I’m finally able to be a part of it! So please donate today! Any amount helps and it goes to a great cause!

Plus I’m sure some chick will be there taking mildly embarrassing pictures if you want to laugh your ass off because I’ll be out there (really, really out there) in December!