That’s all I can really say about last night.  The city of Boston was on fire last night as the Bruins came to secure the Stanley Cup in Game 7 with a final score of 4-0.

I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous and superstitious going into the game.  I didn’t want to jinx it in anyway whatsoever.  I didn’t entertain the thought of possibly winning in my own head.  There was an unspoken fear going into the game amongst Bruins fans that we were going to get destroyed (again) at Rogers Stadium back in Vancouver.  The Bruins had lost each and every game of the series held there.  The team and the fans knew that they really needed to step it up, but still I was afraid we weren’t going to be able to pull it off.

I went down to Kenmore to watch the game with my buddy CH and enjoy some gin and tonics (with a splash of St. Germain, of course).  I was running late and was following the Bruins on Twitter through most of the intense (and surprisingly very quick) first period.  The entire T ride to Kenmore seemed to take forever as I constantly refreshed my Twitter feed and then nervously reading every Tweet from @NHLBruins.  I was glad, however, that I wasn’t watching the game at a bar.  Personally, bars for games like this make me nervous because people are drunk, there’s always that one tool of a fan of the opposing team antagonizing Boston fans, and then a fight erupts.  So to I was happy I was on my way to my buddy’s apartment where I’d be able to relax (or at least try to) on a comfy leather sofa and pour my own drinks just the way I like them.

The moment I got to CH’s place the goals started coming.  Marchand assisted Bergeron’s first goal of the night toward the end of the first period.  And then Marchand and Bergeron scored another pair of goals in the second period to bring the score up to 3-0.  I was finally able to calm down, although I’m not going to lie the gin was definitely helping with that.  Only at the end of the second period was I beginning to actually entertain the possibility of the Bruins actually winning the Stanley Cup.  And then as time ticked away in the third period, Marchand silenced the Canucks fans with yet another goal with less than three minutes to go.

The clock ran to 0:00 and the buzzer rang in victory for the Boston Bruins.  Boos from the Canucks fans were the sound of pure joy here in Boston.  The whole city erupted, from North Station to Kenmore to Fenway.

Of course, today the whole city is hungover today (myself included, as I rolled into work at 11:00am sporting my Oakleys and sipping an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts), but at least it’s justified.  It’s the first Stanley Cup win for the Bruins since 1972 which is definitely reason enough to have celebrated late into the Wednesday night.

Congrats, boys.  Enjoy it.  You guys deserve it.

And for awesome pictures from the game (from where I got the pictures for this post), be sure to check out the gallery on the Bruins site here.