So after a weekend filled to the brim with maximum fun combined with the extra-sleepiness from tapering off of prednisone (at the 15mg/day level, what what!), I was EXHAUSTED yesterday in every sense of the word.  I was falling asleep at my desk after pounding a disturbing amount of iced coffee to my face.  I skipped the gym, went home, cranked the AC to the max, ate some dinner, took a shower, then went to bed at 8:00pm.  I felt like a little bit of a dork, and kind of like a six-year-old because it was still pretty light outside.  But I didn’t care.  I went out like a light.  I got a solid nine hours straight of sleep, waking up around 5:30 on my body’s own accord.  That’s more sleep than I’ve normally been getting these days with the prednisone and all, so it was amazing.  Feeling refreshed, I hit the gym again this morning for a nice little 3-mile run to get back into my routine.

It’s amazing what a solid night’s sleep can do.