The one truly awesome thing about food is that sometimes the most basic edible treats can take us back to some of our fondest childhood memories.  Anyone who’s seen Disney and Pixar’s “Ratatouille” (one of my favorites) can probably recall the scene where the cranky critic Anton Ego takes one bite of Remy’s ratatouille and is suddenly sent back in time to comforting thoughts of being a boy and eating his mother’s own ratatouille.

Well, for me the other night I had a non-stop craving for some grilled cheese.  I actually went to the grocery store specifically to buy white bread and American cheese.  When I got home I heated up the pan, tossed in a pad of butter, and threw in my simple sandwich of bread-cheese-bread.  I listened to the sizzle of the frying bread as I waited a minute or two, flipped, and waited another minute.  Done.

Who thought something so simple could be so freaking delicious?  Biting into the crispy, buttery bread and with the ooey-gooey melted cheese all in one bite is simply out of this world.  I don’t need those fancy cheeses, artisan breads, or other toppings.  Just give me some Pepperidge Farms white bread and some Kraft singles and I’m set.  It’s so good.  And sure grilled cheese is a comfort food in itself anyway, but it always reminds me of the times when my brother and I would be stuck inside on cold, rainy summer days and Mom would make us lunch.  My favorite days were when she made grilled cheese (although if I recall correctly my picky eater brother wasn’t such a fan, but his loss).  So on these recent cold, rainy June days in Boston there’s nothing like having a little grilled cheese to help block out the bleakness of the recent weather.

Grilled cheese anyone?