I don’t typically feel the need to write about political issues or current events, but bullying in this day in age is really starting to irk me.  Recently Jamey Rodemeyer, age 14, committed suicide because he was being bullied at school.  I find it unbelievable that in this day in age a kid can get tormented so severely that they see taking their own life as the only solution to their problems.  I mean, just unbelievable.  But with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and texting, bullying has taken on a whole new form.  It can be constant, relentless, and extremely public.  But no one, at any point, should be put down so incessantly, and so unnoticed, that eventually one day you find they’re not here anymore.  They’re gone. They’ve taken their own life.  And all because of something that could have been stopped.

I just find the new trend of increased bullying disturbing.  Literally disturbing.  It bothers me. And what’s the worst part about Jamey’s tragic death is that students from his school are saying how they’re happy he killed himself.  Are you kidding me?  Words cannot describe how mind-boggling that is to me.  I mean, I’m using words like “unbelievable,” “disturbing,” and “mind-boggling” in every sense of their definitions.  I literally cannot make sense of the recent trend in bullying.  Events like this just shouldn’t be happening.  It’s that simple.  But they are, and that’s the reality.  My heart goes out to Jamey’s parents and family, and I hope that one day this will all come to an end.

One day.