What I feel like can be deemed as one of the “cliche” Boston places to go, the Charles River Esplanade is actually more or less ignored by tourists and occupied by Boston residents.  It’s beautiful, with grassy areas to throw down a towel and lay out, park benches to sit and people watch, and paths to walk about on.

I went down this past Saturday with my buddy CH and again on Sunday with KA to get out of our apartments and try to beat the heat by catching a breeze coming off the river.  Sunday in particular was absolutely gorgeous.  Hot as all hell, but gorgeous.  KA and I chilled out and caught some rays just out behind the Hatch Shell.  We people-watched as marathon runners went jogging by and couples walked their dogs (wet from swimming and carrying a tennis ball).  And I would bet most people around there aren’t tourists because, well, it’s not a touristy area or thing to do.  The Boston Common and Boston Public Garden are, on the other hand, chock full o’ tourists anytime of the year on the weekends.  But the esplanade is different.  It’s a little harder to find, and if you’re cruising on Newbury Street as a tourist then you’d be unfamiliar with which cross streets would get you to a walking bridge to cross over Storrow Drive to the park.  So the esplanade can really be a perfect little downtown escape from the Duck Tours and Faneuil Hall performances.

I’m sure you’ll probably be able to find me down there on several occasions during my upcoming funemployment.