So it’s like 1:30am and the insomnia from the prednisone has struck again.  Now I’m kicking myself in the ass for taking it later in the day than I normally do.  Oh well, might as blog about something or another.

I have to admit, this week was long and kind of shitty.  Class was almost entirely lecture this week which kind of kills you a little bit when you need to try to stay focused for four straight hours.  You kind of just zone out for a minute and then next thing you know you’re a couple slides behind and completely off topic (thank God lectures are recorded).  Then toss in some general frustrations throughout the week and things kind of just decline.  But the gym saves me.

Ah, the gym.  I don’t care if I pay a little bit more cash to go to NYSC versus other gyms in the area.  It’s my sanctuary.  It’s one of the only ways I spoil myself a little bit (plus they have a pool).  I can go, pop in my iPod, crank some tunes, and work out all the stress and frustrations that have built up from the day.  All week I’ve gone into the gym either cranky / PO’ed / annoyed / frustrated / all of the above and I’ve been coming out happy and smiling (hooray for endorphins).  I’m sure I would qualify as a bit of a gym junky to some people considering I usually spend an hour and a half to two hours there whenever I have the ability to go, but I couldn’t care less.  It’s my personal two hours or so that I give myself aside from class and studying, and it keeps me sane.  Plus with Crohn’s, the gym helps me to bring my stress levels down, and last time I checked stress for me is a huge factor in causing a relapse or making one worse.  The gym keeps me happy and healthy, and those are honestly the two biggest reasons I go.

And I only have a couple of months to get ready for the Santa Speedo Run in December up in Boston, but that’s a completely different story.