So close

We’re so close, yet so very far.  The clock is ticking down, and even though I’m pretty much done with studying I have to force myself to study and take in whatever little details I can before Monday.

And then freedom.


Final stretch

So close, yet so far.  We have one set of exams left and you can tell that pretty much everyone is burnt out.  Wispy white clouds pierce the rich blue sky and reflect the rays of the warm sun into the library, tempting us to call an end to our studies and enjoy the outdoors.

Yet we have to confine ourselves to books and computers and multiple cups of coffee.  This is it.  We have to stay focused and get through this last bit. But to all my fellow classmates, just think: soon enough we will be MS2s.

Okay on second thought maybe don’t think about that just yet.


Obviously when you’re studying you need distractions, so for all of my fellow MSI’s, here are some mandatory YouTube videos that you need to check out.

As suggested by LK, Ultimate Dog Tease:

One of my personal favorites, Exploding Elmo Death:

A little WTF moment when Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize meets dubstep and dancing Teddy bears (no, really, WTF):

It almost makes you feel bad to laugh, but here’s Tricycle wrecks:

My favorite Drunk History, and it involves science:

And absolutely adorable, Puppy vs. Cat:

Enjoy, fellow MSI’s, enjoy.


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  And recently for me that was hoarding a copious amount of Monster Energy drinks at my local Stop-and-Shop (the Absolute Zero variety, obviously).  Was I embarrassed to be practically shoveling the cans off the shelf into my basket?  Not at all.  I have no shame, even when the cashier raises an eyebrow and asks, “Do you even eat anything?”  Again, no shame.  Plus Crohn’s prevents me from drinking coffee.  Trust me I’ve tried multiple times, and have failed multiple times.  Something about it just wreaks havoc on my gut, so I have to avoid drinking the stuff on a regular basis.  So now I stick to my standard Coke Zero and Monster to get my caffeine fix.

But these next two weeks are going to be a tad bit different.  Us MSI’s here at UConn SOM have two weeks until our first exam in Human Bio.  I don’t even know how many lectures I need to go through right now, but it’s a lot and I’ve got two weeks to get it all into my head.  It’s not that the material is too difficult to comprehend, it’s purely the volume.  Imagine cramming an entire semester’s worth of college material into seven weeks.  That’s probably a pretty accurate description.  Plus now my schedule is something like class 8:00-12:00 everyday with a class on Monday 3:00-5:00, Tuesday 1:00-5:00, and Thursday I have SCP (my clinical thing in pediatrics) from like 1:00-7:00/8:00.  Then I’ll be studying the rest of the day everyday until probably around midnight or so and then set my alarm for 6:30 in the morning before crashing for the night.  Rinse and repeat.

Hence my mildly concerning stockpile of caffeine.