• My Twitter – to stay connected at all times
  • My Flickr – full-size pictures from my blog posts
  • My YouTube – videos that have debuted in my posts


  • Catch it. – One man’s self-involvement in the scenes of New York.  My brother’s (outstanding) blog of photographs of scenes taken throughout NYC.
  • #whatshouldwecallmedschool – Because these memes are entirely too accurate.
  • Wildly Ariesposible – My friend Kevin’s blog of random thoughts.
  • The saga of a twenty-something – My friend Alex’s thoughts and ramblings on the life and times of, well, being twenty-something.
  • bears ate my inside voice but not my blog machine – My buddy Nick’s blog on completely random topics and always gives me a laugh.
  • Boston Dandy – My friend and co-worker’s blog on life outside of lab with a particular emphasis on good food and even better drinks.
  • Ali on the Run – A blog on living, running, and kicking Crohn’s disease in the butt in NYC.

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