Catch-up (again)

Yeah, so… I haven’t posted in like six months but you know, whatever.  No big deal, right?  Right.

Let’s see.  Oh, yeah, and I moved to a new place this past summer with WW and JG, so that’s cool.  It’s a pretty sweet place, great landlord, and it’s indescribably fantastic to be out of my last apartment (but let’s not go there).  The summer was good and relatively relaxing.  I completed a rotation in an awesome neuroscience lab and like the direction the where the lab (and field) is going, so I’m definitely considering asking to join for my PhD thesis research.  Although I am keeping an open mind and may explore an immunology lab this summer.


Second  year of school is off to a good start, passing all my exams (including micro, thank God), living life, all of that.  Coming up after the two weeks of winter break it’s going to start getting more and more intense as I take Step 1 of the USMLE June or July of next year.  But for now I’m going to enjoy the holiday, keep on track with school work and reading, and relax.  I definitely don’t need a stress-induced relapse of my Crohn’s this year.  Oh, yeah, and I just had my 4-year diaversary this past November, but I’ll post about all that Crohn’s stuff later.


Anyway, just wanted to touch base, make a post, and get back into the swing of things blog-wise.


I’ll be back, I swear.



So close

We’re so close, yet so very far.  The clock is ticking down, and even though I’m pretty much done with studying I have to force myself to study and take in whatever little details I can before Monday.

And then freedom.

Final stretch

So close, yet so far.  We have one set of exams left and you can tell that pretty much everyone is burnt out.  Wispy white clouds pierce the rich blue sky and reflect the rays of the warm sun into the library, tempting us to call an end to our studies and enjoy the outdoors.

Yet we have to confine ourselves to books and computers and multiple cups of coffee.  This is it.  We have to stay focused and get through this last bit. But to all my fellow classmates, just think: soon enough we will be MS2s.

Okay on second thought maybe don’t think about that just yet.


Well, yeah, I haven’t posted on here in a while, alright?  Gosh.  Sue me.  Well, don’t actually sue me because I’m worth nothing.  But anyway, let’s get you caught up, shall we?  I’ll be posting a bunch over the next couple of days this week and then hopefully get back in the swing of writing on a semi-regular basis.

Let me catch you up.  Right now I’m finishing up my first year of med school (holler) and actually I have my clinical skills exam tomorrow.  Nothing like acting for five hours to demonstrate my mad skills.  Whatever, I’ll be done with it all tomorrow.  Unless, of course, I fail one of the modules and need to re-do it.

But anyway, there’s actually been a fun little addition to the family.  Meet Jillie.

Part black lab, part daschund, and 100% adorable.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jillie for the first time a few months ago when she was still a little puppy.  You can see her when she was a little younger here.  She likes stuffed animals, going on walks, and cuddling up on the couch.  She’s everything you could want in a dog.  And she even just had her 6-month birthday.

Don’t ask what’s up with her ear because honestly I have no idea.  Apparently it just sticks out like that sometimes.  But at least she knows “sit” and “paw,” and I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she already knows “treat.”  Plus, now that the weather is getting warmer and the ice has melted, she’ll have to learn “swim.”  I’ve heard that Jillie’s been checking out the water down by our dock.  Once it warms up a bit we’ll have to test her affinity for swimming.

I’m sure Jillie will make her own special way into our hearts, just like Molly, Jiggs, and Gracie.


Holy crap I haven’t posted to my blog in a while.  I should probably catch you all up.  Let’s see, since we started HB2 in school I had a couple of weekends free to travel up to Boston.  One weekend I went up just for fun, and the following weekend I went up for Head of the Charles (HOCR).  I got to see my buddy CH, and honestly after spending so much time indoors studying for the HB1 exam it was nice to just be in Boston and walk around outside.  I met up with my old roommate ER for a drink (turned into pitcher after pitcher) and then grabbed some much-needed delicious brunch the following day at Grafton Street with SR.  So good.  Then during HOCR weekend I got to see my old crew buddies and watch on as some of them raced in the Alumni 8+ event in the HOCR before watching some more races and hitting up Border Cafe with the Westwood crew.  Plus I got to catch up with ER again and see JJ and ML.  All in all, it was good to see everyone.  And it was great to get out of Farmington for a couple of weekends.

And can we talk about this October snow storm?  What the hell?  Even after strategically parking my car for the night of the storm I still woke up the following morning to find a branch resting on it (but thankfully no damage).  But falling asleep that night was eerie because you could hear distant (and nearby) branches snapping off trees and crashing below.  Branches and trees are down all over the place, and the whole northeast half of Connecticut is pretty much entirely without power and heat.  There are only a handful of people in my class that have power.  Let me be the first to tell you that it’s pretty chilly sleeping at night.  Last night I had to dawn sweats, a hat, and socks to stay warm underneath my blanket and comforter.  But it wasn’t too, too bad.  I mean, we’ll survive.  Right now for electricity and internet (and heat) we all hang out at the health center (not like that’s anything new).  But hey, it’s the whole half of the state, so we’ll just have to be patient and wait for the CL&P crew to get us all back up and running.

And to think we probably got the worst storm of the season in October.


So our exam in HB1 is officially over, and the lack of attendance at Tuesday’s lectures clearly illustrated that we as a class celebrated appropriately for the occassion.  I was a champ and actually made it to class, although I will definitely need to listen to one of the lectures over again because I completely zoned out / did other homework during lecture.  Oh well.

But alas, we’re now officially in HB2 and that means one thing: Anatomy.  Yup, Anatomy, where we get to learn all of the parts of the human body.  UConn (thankfully) still incorporates student dissections as part of their anatomy course, so I’m in a group of four with my buddies AA, JG, and AK.  Our class was able to do “first cuts” with MSII’s the other night before our first real day of anatomy lab.  It was definitely a great experience, and way better than showing up to Anatomy Wednesday morning and having zero clue as to what was going on.  But we learn fast (we have to) and we’re already off dissecting various parts and also realizing that the human body has a ton of parts to it.  I mean literally a ton.  We’re one day in, and I already appreciate my body way more now that I did two days ago.  Once you start moving parts around and seeing how everything’s interconnected you really do learn to appreciate everything you’ve got and to not take your body for granted.

The opportunity to be doing what we’re doing is indescribably amazing.  I’m really at a loss for words.  We’ve been given a gift that I know none of us will ever forget for as long as we live.  Over the course of the year we are going to become intimate with our cadaver, our formerly living and breathing human being.  I’m so thankful for the gift that these people have given us, and to allow us the ability to see all the inner workings of the human body.  I’m also thankful that UConn still incorporates hands-on student dissections into anatomy course.

This experience is going to be something that will not only enhance our education and knowledge but will also bring AA, JG, AK, and me closer together as we become intimately involved with our cadaver.


Obviously when you’re studying you need distractions, so for all of my fellow MSI’s, here are some mandatory YouTube videos that you need to check out.

As suggested by LK, Ultimate Dog Tease:

One of my personal favorites, Exploding Elmo Death:

A little WTF moment when Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize meets dubstep and dancing Teddy bears (no, really, WTF):

It almost makes you feel bad to laugh, but here’s Tricycle wrecks:

My favorite Drunk History, and it involves science:

And absolutely adorable, Puppy vs. Cat:

Enjoy, fellow MSI’s, enjoy.