I try not to write about Crohn’s too much on here, but recently it’s been impacting my everyday life.  Currently I’m on two medications for it, both of which function as immunosuppressants.  So basically now I have an immune system so weak that I (apparently) develop such infections like shingles.  That’s right, shingles.  I know what you’re thinking.  You questioning yourself, “Is it 1930 or something?”  No, it’s not.  My immune system is apparently so weak that a latent infection from chicken pox (shingles is caused by the same virus) has taken charge and made some moves to take over.  Let me tell you, shingles is no fun.  At first I was mildly excited to play doctor and correctly diagnose myself, but now I’m not excited at all.  My skin is blistering and let me tell you, it hurts.  So all I can do is tough it out, take whatever meds I was given for it, and ride it out.  Hopefully it should all be over in a week or so.

At least, I hope it’s over in a week.


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